Apply to host a hackNY Fellow

"It is really hard to find good interns, and Matt was the best we ever had."
- Oliver Friedmann, CTO and Co-Founder, Ziggeo
"We've had two summers with hackNY Fellows, and both times we've made a lot of progress on our product. I think the Fellows would agree. We would definitely work with hackNY again, as we found the program to be very valuable to Magnetic."
- Dan Crosta, Director, Magnetic Labs
"Shashank was a significant contributor to our product this summer. If he's any measure, we'd love to work with more hackNY interns in the future."
- Mike O'Toole, CTO and Co-Founder, Nestio

The hackNY Fellows Program, now in its eleventh year, is an intensive, structured program designed to introduce talented students to NYC’s startup community. You can find more information about hosting a hackNY Fellow in our FAQ.

hackNY Fellows are undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated strong technical skills, interest in New York's startup ecosystem, and dedication to their communities. Once selected for the program, each Fellow is matched with a New York startup where they will intern for 10 weeks as a software developer. They work closely with a technical mentor and their team. Fellows live together in student housing provided by hackNY, building a strong learning community and inspiring one another.

Twice a week, hackNY Fellows gather at a local startup's office for dinner and an informal talk by a New York tech luminary. Speakers include top CEOs, founders, technologists, tech experts in public service, VCs, and legal and media experts. They also attend events like New York Tech Meetup, and mixers with AlumNY of the Fellows program. At the end of the program, Fellows will have contributed meaningfully to their host startup's product, learned about the startup world from experts, and bonded with the community and the city.

hackNY Fellows have participated from all over the US, Europe, and Canada, and have included students with coding talents in front-end, back-end, data science, machine learning, design, and UX/UI. After graduation from the program, our Fellows go on to be great members of the startup community. Many of our AlumNY have been hired full time by their hackNY startups, where they play key roles in engineering and leadership. Over 100 startups have hosted a hackNY Fellow.

Startups applying to work with a hackNY Fellow are making a commitment to providing:

  • A concrete problem for the Fellow to work on,
  • A specific person to mentor the Fellow, and
  • A place for the Fellow to work, at least a dedicated coworking space if not an office.

Startups are eligible to work with hackNY if they:

  • Are independent (i.e. not acquired), and
  • Have their development team headquartered in NYC.

For more information about the Fellows Program and the history of hackNY, check out the Fellowship Section of our Fall 2015 Field Guide, and see our Class of 2018 announcement along with previous years on our blog.

We will open Fellows applications in September and will begin accepting Class of 2020 Fellows in November with confirmed Fellows matched with startups on a rolling basis. If your startup application is accepted, you may be matched with a Fellow anytime between January 2020 and April 2020. If you have hard deadlines for hiring please let us know and we will try to accommodate them.

We match Fellows to companies based on each Fellow's skillset and industry preferences, along with startup requests and technology stack. hackNY works with small to large startups, many of which were small when we began and have since grown into household names. During the summer, you'll have the opportunity to meet all the Fellows at a mixer, and to celebrate their graduation at our annual Demo Night.

The Details:

If you are successfully matched with a hackNY Fellow: Host startups pay at least $1,000/week for 10 weeks to the Fellow and $4,500 to hackNY, which covers the direct cost of hosting their Fellow (housing and summer programming). As in previous years, hackNY works to support all scales of NYC startups and will be providing aid to startups which can show evidence of a strong mentoring environment but for which this commitment is incompatible with the current level of funding. Please email [email protected] for more information.

The Class of 2020 hackNY Fellows Program will run from May 26 through July 31, 2020.

As matching occurs on a rolling basis please submit applications as soon as possible.

Tell Us About Your Startup

  • Describe your working environment:

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  • Check this box if you are looking to potentially hire your hackNY Fellow

  • What specific skills do you *require* of the Fellow (including required languages)?

  • What specific skills do you prefer the Fellow has (including preferred languages)?

  • Is there anything else we should know about your startup and mentoring environment?

  • By checking the box below, you acknowledge the mentoring obligations described above and will meet the financial obligations or will email [email protected] to describing your need for aid.

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