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About the Program

The hackNY Fellows Program, now entering its tenth year, is an intensive program designed to introduce students to NYC's startup ecosystem by pairing the best technical minds with great New York startups. You'll live in the heart of NYC with a cohort of some of the most talented and creative student technologists from all over the world. Local startups are carefully selected for the program and demonstrate both innovative tech and a strong mentoring environment. You will contribute meaningfully at your paid internship and learn from your work, our curated Speaker Series, and your fellow hackers. In an initiative led by our AlumNY and reflecting their community values, you will volunteer in programs for positive social impact in NYC. With a focus on increasing diversity and inclusivity in tech, you'll work within underserved communities by teaching, mentoring or using your technical skills for social good. Additional details to be announced in 2019.

The hackNY Fellows Program was listed as one of the Top 10 Summer Fellowships by ProFellow, and has been featured by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Observer.

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A Person

A mentor on your team will be there from the start to guide you and answer your questions both technical and career-related.
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A Project

Every hackNY Fellow ships meaningful code at their host startup. You'll be assigned a project or a series of projects to be proud of.
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A Place

It's important to work alongside your team. You'll have space at your startup's coworking space or office to work at each day.
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A Positive Impact

All Fellows will choose from a social good project that will create positive change in a NYC community, and allow for continuation post-fellowship

Inspiring Environment

We love New York's tech community for its spirit, its inclusivity, and the way tech integrates into so many other vibrant communities. Spend a summer here and you'll see how you can make a direct impact collaborating with people from fashion, media, and a variety of other skills and interests.

All Fellows live together in provided housing in the heart of NYC, within walking distance of great food, parks, and many of our host startups. You'll live, work, play and volunteer together in the best city in the world.

Inspiring Speakers

Twice a week, you'll visit NYC startups to meet the people who shape NYC's tech community. You'll learn from our technologists, founders, CEOs, investors, as well as experts from law and media, with plenty of time for discussion and your questions. hackNY and NYC's community will help you understand how tech companies are born and grow.

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Our community doesn't end when the summer does.

For most Fellows, the best part of hackNY isn't their startup, the city or even Speaker Series conversations with local tech leaders - it's the AlumNY community you'll be part of throughout your career. With frequent meetups, job postings, and chatting on Slack and IRC, your Fellows classmates and the rest of our AlumNY will always be your best friends and supporters.

Recent AlumNY activities have included our traditional pre-hackathon meetup, Women of hackNY dinners, Demo Night, and mixers with the current Fellows. AlumNY are also invited to many of our Speaker Series talks. You might be one of the incoming Fellows we'll be welcoming at our spring hackathon dinner.

Previous hackNY Fellows Program Host Startups

We are proud to have partnered with over 100 of the New York tech community's most innovative startups. hackNY works with small to large startups, many of which were small when we began and have since grown into household names. During the summer, Fellows have the opportunity to meet our startup friends at mixers and our annual Demo Night celebration.

Use these buttons to filter the startups by the hackNY Fellows classes they participated in. Most have hosted a Fellow more than once, and some have been with us every year since the beginning.

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Hear From Our AlumNY

If this sounds like your kind of summer, apply today. You'll be joining a lifelong community and your best summer yet.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Many of our AlumNY have shared their Fellows experiences in blogs and videos. Watch a video of fun moments in the Class of 2015 summer, created by AlumNY mentor Matt ('14) and set to an epic soundtrack by Shloka ('15), this Class of 2017 video by Sean ('17), and this Class of 2018 video by Emily ('18).

To read more about Fellow activities, the Speaker Series, and internships, read posts from Yoni ('15), Basil ('13), Sean ('12), and Calvin ('14).

To read more about our Summer of Good Initiative, read this post from Chris Wan ('15) introducing it, as well as this post by Kalvin Lam ('18) detailing his experiences working on a project under the initiative. We will be publishing more stories throughout Fall 2018 about the initiative so please check back on our Medium blog for more.

Kathy ('11) has composed a great set of FAQs for anyone who's considering applying - especially if you have offers from larger tech companies already. For advice on applying to the Fellowship, read Simon's ('15) post including his original application, Kevin's ('18) application answers and advice, and Walter's ('14) post about applying even if you don't think of yourself as a "hacker."

Questions? Email us at [email protected].